Dark Love

???? ???? – Is quite a phenomenon, mostly misunderstood.

♥︎How can I be wild and still remain soft?
♥︎How can I intentionally hurt another in the name of love? Physically, emotionally, mentally….
♥︎How can I take you down in order to bring up up?
♥︎How can I recognize and cut your bullshit?
♥︎Slash the lies I see you telling yourself?
♥︎Slice through the identities you hold on to in fear…
In fear of change…
of the unknown…
of death…

Dark love does NOT mean ego-ridden actions.
It does NOT mean toxic out-lashes rooting from our own personal triggers and wounds.
It does NOT stem from hate nor anger.

Dark love is responsible!
Dark love begins with the expansion of the heart!
Dark love is a gift!
Dark love is a sacred medicine!
It is FOR the other!
In the name of a higher serving love!

LOVE – such a big word.
LOVE – with a thousand shades of expression.
On a color palette, we can experience it from the ?????, ???????, ????????, ???? ??????… all the way to the ?????, ????, ??????? ??????.

When you begin to tap in to your personal shamanic field, you begin to recognize what the person standing opposite you really needs.

Is their medicine your sweet love? ?
Or your direct, sharp, unapologetic love? ?
And do you feel safe to give it to them?
Whether it’s soft or ugly?
Are you afraid of your power?
Afraid of hurting?

When you own and embody all the shades of love within yourself, you can begin to transmit this abstract love to others too.

I found my wild within my soft.
And the soft within my wild.
And my life changed.

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