Intimacy =

Allowing myself to be seen for all that I am in each moment,
ready to reveal the whole story people will see in my eyes,

I am unafraid,
I am open,
I am vulnerable…

and through these self-loving eyes,
I can meet you (lover/friend/stranger),
and through my openness
you automatically open and become more vulnerable,
feeling soft,
the ego steps aside.

Joy can come,
hurt can come,
fears, desires, dreams, shadows, beauty, tears
can all come.

And all is welcome.
Dressed in words, dance, touch, cuddles, gaze, silence, breath.

A safe space is created in a matter of moments.
I am here and nowhere else.
And now so are you.
Sharing expression authentically.

Intimacy =
A heart-naked moment shared with all living beings,
each with different boundaries,
all with love.

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