Kids & Porn

This online live event will interactive and informative.
It will take place on Tuesday 20th December.

Dear Parents & Guardians,

I know, the word porn alongside the subject of kids can be shocking. But the truth is, pornographic and adult content is all around us. From ‘innocent’ TikTok’s or ‘sexy’ music videos, to accidental nude pop ups and hardcore sexual websites, our kids have easy access to unhealthy examples of sex and body image. As adults, we all know how addictive ‘the forbidden fruit’ is, and how much curiosity there is around sex, at all ages.

We live in an age where our kids are so deeply addicted to the screens, sadly and not surprisingly, 
watching/have watched/will soon watch
porn/nude images and videos.

Online adult content is so easy to access, even unintentionally. 

So this live webinar session we will talk about:
-How to deal with this subject in a healthy and mature way,
-How to bring our vulnerabilities to the table, 
-How to open this conversation with them maturely, avoiding blame/shame/guilt. 

Yes it’s so crazy that we need to have this talk with our children of most ages. The uprising of technology has created with it a lot of symptoms we should address as conscious parents.  Because when kept in the shadow, this is where dark addictions are born.

Registration in advance!  

If you cant make it live, you will receive the recording after.

Event Fee $19

This online live event will interactive and informative.
It will take place on Tuesday 20th December at 
✪  17:00 GMT
✪  00:00 Thailand time (15-16 night)
✪  20:00 Israel time
✪  18:00 UK time 
✪  13:00 New York time 
✪  10:00 California time 


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