Rope Healing

The Sacred Art of Surrender

When I tell people I work with rope, especially those who don’t know much about it, the first images that comes to their mind is usually darkness, rough sex, pain, torture, fetish. And then I get one of two responses.

(#1) A very aroused, sexual, touching-danger-kind-of-excited curiosity, or

(#2) an immediate contraction that turns in to a “no that is not for me”.
(When I had my first opportunity to experience rope I was definitely #2 – not interested in it at all – even disgusted)

It’s funny how we outgrow what we once thought we couldn’t live without, and fall in love with things we didn’t know we wanted or even liked. A huge part of my life changed in my first rope workshop that I attended. On this day I started my journey in to loving this unique Japanese art. I found the healing that comes through learning surrender. Learning to help another to surrender. Learning and shifting my patterns. Learning polarities and archetypes. Learning technique and deep energy transmissions. Learning vulnerability and innocence. Learning that BDSM is only one face and there are so many more faces to this art – beyond sexual play, beyond superficial excitement. I found that in these ropes I can meet my inner shadows, going deep in to my wounds and traumas, hidden fears, guilt, anger, rage, outdated beliefs. I found that all the things and situations in life I was trying to control, and began to release them. Layer by layer.

In my experience of sharing these huge life lessons with others, I saw so much transformation in every single person who has come to my workshops or private sessions. All arriving nervous. All leaving wanting more. This is why I made this video. To show MY side of this sacred art. To show the possibilities. To show the beauty. .To SHOW the healing. To show that a lot of love and care lives here too.

Take chances.
Keep trying new things.
Step out of comfort zones.
Risk going too far to see how far you can go.
Let go of who you are to see who you can become.
And never lose your sense of wonder.



Hidden Faces of Shibari

There is often an experience of transformation, with new wisdoms of  self-intelligence and self-evolution – a new life vision or understanding.


Rope Healing Intro

Learn at home practices for fun, for creative expression, and for erotic bedroom play. We will begin with basic knowledge and technique and move on to some beautiful ties.

“ Suddenly there is stillness.
A sacred silence.
Full of emotion.
The ropes hold me as would a cradle.
Like a baby in the bosom of her mother.
This is what it feels like to fully surrender.
This is transformation.
This is rebirth.”



Private classes and sessions
for singles & couples:

A Personal Story:

My first time getting suspended was during one of my biggest life crossroads. I was lucky enough to have this experience by my muse, Tatiana Limati.

Here’s a poem I wrote about my experience:

And so I came to a point in my life and I realized that there is nothing else I can do but to surrender. I learn to surrender. Surrender to the direction the wind is blowing me in. Surrender to what is. Letting go of what was. Letting go of what I thought should be. Letting go of who I was expected to be. Letting go of wondering what they may say. Surrender to the unknown. Surrender to the wise voice of my gut who guides me on the journey of my soul – even without my logical understanding. In this safe space my wounded feminine is allowed to express her full rage of emotions. I learn to surrender. To gravity. To the tension of the ropes. Hanging in the void. I surrender to the uncomfort of my body. To my fears. My control. Letting go of picture perfect stories. Im going deeper and deeper. Piercing through more and more layers. Tears streaming down my cheeks. Washed with the waterfall by my side. Choking from pain in my heart. Memories flashing through my mind. Dreams, stories, hopes. My past. My present. My future. And slowly Something inside me dies. I’m grieving. Letting go. Grieving. Letting go. Suddenly there is silence. The ropes now cradling me. Like a baby in the bosom of her mother. This is what they call inner peace. A deep deep breath. My body is soft. My heart is open. A moment of total stillness. I fully surrendered! I surrendered to it all. Accepting all that I am. Hugging myself. Hugging the sweet innocent girl who still lives inside of me. Her true colors. She was neglected for too long. And then it’s clear. Knowing I don’t know what will come. But what I do know Is that EVERYTHING is just as it should be. I’m buried under rope and dust. Becoming one with the earth. Transformation happens. Rebirth.