Hello Beloveds,
I'm Natalie

Im so happy to have you here, in this little world of Me.

I have so much to say. To you, to the world.

“We travel through endless corridors within life, until we find the path that leads to the heart.”

Here you can begin to taste my story, and my messages – for sharing them has become my greatest mission and life passion.

The truth is, that even as a child I had always been labelled the ‘black sheep’ of the family – I didn’t fit in to the boxes that they were trying to put me in, nor did I believe the rules of society. So they called me a rebel. And I – went on a journey (now over 20 years), trying and testing, succeeding and failing, laughing and crying – continuously breaking down my identities, my beliefs, my friend circles, my jobs, my hobbies, the cities I lived in – creating and recreating myself, over and over, again and again.

Most recently, two major experiences brought me directly
to this path. This is gonna get a little personal.

The first story began during a crisis in my family life.  My daughter, a baby at the time, was having a series of minor health issues.  After a long and thorough investigation in to finding the trigger, I discovered that she was reacting to a wave of depression that I was going through.  I knew even then, that kids feel everything, but I also really believed that I was a good enough lier to bypass ‘the system’.  Boy, I was so wrong.   She felt everything I was going through.  My devotion to being a ‘good mum’ was so strong, that I immediately went on a mission to find my true happiness – initially, for her.   The first place I went to was the dancefloor -my lifelong dream of becoming a Latin dancer.  I fell in love with Bachata  – a very sensual couple dance.  The connection to my sensuality began to awaken within me again, and it felt so damn good.  I felt so alive.  Simultaneously, it also triggered me deeply.  Dancing with so many men in one night, some of who made me feel like shit, so ugly, and a bad dancer.   Teenage wounds came up.  A lot of rejection wounds and insecurities.  Nevertheless, I was addicted and danced 25-35 hours every single week, and in the small moments during the nights that I would need a moment to rest my dancing feet, I would sit on the side to watch the magic that was happening on the dancefloor.   Something particular that I noticed astounded me.   It was really easy to see which of the dancers loved themselves and which were ‘faking it’.   It had NOTHING to do with their size or appearance.   It was true self love and confidence that made the best dancers, and THAT was the secret.   I was so determined to be a fabulous dancer, that I knew I had to really meet all my woundings surrounding self love and self image.  I had to really love myself so deeply, because now I knew – the dancefloor never lies. 
And so I did…..I met wound after wound, until finally, 
I fell in love… with myself.

The second wave began after completing a sexual shamanic initiation at the International School of Temple Arts.   The sexual reconditioning was profound.  So much inner shame began to melt. I learned a new language of understanding myself, and of expressing myself.  I found legitimacy in expressing my love, fears, desires, and boundaries.  I learned to separate the different voices of my mind, body, heart, sex and intuition.  I also met one of my lifelong biggest fears (stage fright – which funnily enough has nothing to do with sexuality).   It was one crazy moment, in the last 5 minutes of a week-long retreat, that I jumped in to the deep waters, to finally face this fear. I broke down in tears of relief and disbelief when I found only love and acceptance behind it.  I left the retreat, and dedicated myself to meeting this fear again and again in every possible situation – until 6 months later, in one particular radically-exposing experience, I realized, that the fear no longer lived inside of me. Being ‘seen’ now excited me, even aroused me.
I was free, anew.

I knew in that moment, that I was stepping in to a new phase in my life.  Little did I know that I would meet, cry, scream, drown and destruct every single belief, feeling, conditioning that I have ever known, and rebirth each of them in to accuracy, choosing in wisdom and consciousness every aspect of my life.  I vomited the stories and past experiences from my mind, my heart, my sexual wounds, my body memory; teenage stories that scarred me and childhood memories that I couldn’t believe still remained as pain within me.  My life turned inside out and upside down until I found my inner freedom.  Liberation. Very soon I discovered that re-sensitizing my sexual energy became the main ingredient of my life force – that is responsible for all the new goodness I attracted to my life.  Little did I know that my transformation would later become my destiny, my gift of change to this world. Little did I know that I would finally become
queen of my queendom.

I just wanted to spread my findings to others, sharing the gifts, tools and teachings that so radically changed my life.   I saw peoples lives changing in front of my eyes.  Peoples hearts cracking open.   I saw people find a new courage, daring to meet uncomfortable situations, and breaking free of the stories they have been telling themselves of who they think they are.  
And me? I wanted to do more, find more ways to encourage this movement in people.   I found many different tools, games and ways that actually all share the same root messages:

♥︎ How to surrender to love and life

♥︎ How to be more vulnerable and allow all my colors to be seen

♥︎ How to experience intimacy, sensuality and sexuality separately and together


This all led to the greatest teaching of all – that LOVE is the key to opening EVERY door.  How to give and receive love more fully, with less fear, with more openness.  How to live and remain expanded within the highs and lows of life.

I understood that LOVE is the real essence of all my teachings, and in order to transmit the teachings of love

I must first

become love!

Suddenly love wasn’t about finding the right person, but becoming the right person.

So who am I today?

I am a human, a woman, embracing my masculinity and femininity, learning, living and choosing love in all her forms on a daily/momentarily basis.  Becoming balance.

I am a certified trauma therapist, an erotic educator, intimacy arts expert and heart initiator.  An artist, a healer, a poet.  I guide transformative journeys through multiple sensual and sexual arts.   My key emphasis lies in vulnerability, empowerment and conscious intimacy.   I help people remember who they are. I am host and founder of live radio talk show ‘Let’s Talk About’, conversing with international experts on subjects of relationships, sex and taboo. I am also a wedding planner – it’s true – i’m here for every stage of your love.

I am grateful!  Every single day.  Every single time I watch a sunset, every time I look around and remember where I am, who I am – never taking any of it for granted.  I take a deep breath in, until I feel this breeze of air inside my heart.  I catch myself constantly stopping all motion, to give my thanks to the Gods who sent me on this epic journey into myself.

I am love! I love so much! Everyone.  My heart is so open, so expanded, so accepting, so compassionate, so intelligent.  Ready to love, ready for the pain.  Not letting the fear of getting hurt close me up.  I am open.

And if you read till here – thank you again.  You are already apart of my journey.

So come, my love. 

To my workshops and retreats,  for 1:1 coaching,  for couple coaching,  for rituals and life ceremonies. 


I invite you, to invite me, in to your life & journey. 

Because the only way out, is in. 

Because our lives work better when our hearts are open.


I hope we meet soon.



Some fun facts about me:

♡ I just love stiletto’s
♡ My favorite word is ‘unappologetic’
♡ The first time I kissed a man I was 18
♡ I grew huge, black, invisible, power wings on my back.
♡ The first time I heard about Shibari, I was disgusted by the idea.
♡ I learned to ride a bike at the age of 38. I am still learning how to swim.
♡ The Dead Sea is my favorite spot in Israel.
♡ If I jumped out of a plane, I can do anything.
♡ I felt like an ugly duckling, and was very rejected by men until my mid 20’s
♡ I used to be bleach blond for 7 years
♡ I made friends with a anaconda snake called Kunda
♡ I was born in the UK, to Yemenite parents. At age 23 I moved to Israel, and at age 37 moved to Koh Phangan.

My wish to us. A poem.

New years, new months, new moons, new beginnings, new relationships, new days, new dreams, new intentions…

There is always a door to shed old skin and to start again.  

I wish for us
To keep finding the courage to climb high, even if we may fall.
To step out of our comfort zones.
To experience new things.
To find ourselves.
To lose ourselves. 
To heal ourselves.

To meet our deepest fears, even the ones that feel unchangeable.
To dare to be and feel beautiful. 
To dance with everyone watching and feel like noone is watching.
To sit on the royal throne of our personal kingdom.
To be the inspiration.
To look in each passing persons eyes.
To feel, To feel!
To share love with everyone.

To smile more.
To cry more. 
To hug more.
To kiss more. 
To be vulnerable.
In front of strangers. 
In front of the ones we know and love.

To find and live our passions.
To dare to be true to our desires. 
To dare to say them.
To dare to live them.
No matter what they say. 
To know that we are worth. 
Of all we wish to be, live and feel.

To know that life is so short – and if not now, then when?
To be the change you want to see
Because only today exists!

The depths of everything I wish for 
Is for you
For me 
To learn the way of a healthy kinda love.
The walk the path of true love.
To become love.
To love another.
To be loved by others. 
To know how to ask for love.
To be consumed by love.
To be taken fully, by love.
Be it as big as the oceans. 
So fully.
So wholly.
That we disappear
Within ripples of peace.

I call.
I shout out to the heavens. 
From the depths of my soul.
For this sacred love.
For more of it.
For more loving. 
And still 
Even more of this unconditional entity. 
Overspilling from all my being.
From myself. 
From others. 
From you.

I pray, I want, I desire.
I pray, I want, I desire.

For where there is love,
There is life

                                                     – Natalie Abraham

One of my biggest understandings was that my soul will never be fully nourished by anyone’s love but my own. Falling in love with myself was the first true secret to happiness & fulfilment