Love Union Ceremony

Most of us grew up watching couples around us ‘becoming one’ through traditional marriages – in churches and in synagogues, in life and in movies.  Yet in recent years many couples have been opting to create a more personal approach to declaring their love for one another.   There is a growing need of alternatives to marriage that is more symbolic and not legally binding, vows that don’t need to last “forever” – something more ritualistic, a conscious approach – symbolizing the choosing or  re-choosing of one other.  

Traditionally, ancient tribes used these ceremonies to invite fertility, prosperity and abundance, and more modernly also became more individual and personalised for each couples story and intention.  These ceremonies become a rites of passage, a prayer that takes you (the couple) to the next stages of your love, your foundation, and your relationship in general.  A prayer of awakening more blessings in to your lives, your hearts, and the journey of love that you are still devoting yourselves to.

There are multiple customs, practices, blessings, and ritual options, taken from hundreds of tribes, religions, communities and traditions. Every couple, every ceremony, with it’s own unique flavor, intention, rhythm, and story. I will help you personalize yours, whether it’s for first time unions, or if you are already in a committed relationship and want to renew your vows.

I just love love love the idea of long term partners who come together every 2-3 years to rewrite their vows, their relationship agreements, to declare that their love is still alive and active.  A new boost of energy, a new goal, a new page, a new togetherness.  

These ceremonial rituals can be apart of a wedding celebration, or more subtly just with each other, with a witness or two, with friends and family, with your pets, with or without an officiator.   In any way you choose, this is a ceremony of sacred union.  No rules.  No pressure.  No paperwork.   The rituals can include elements from your culture, beliefs and traditions, or it can be totally created for just you two.

There are never enough reasons to celebrate love. 

And maybe to keep love alive,
is to keep falling in love,
again and again.