Don’t miss out on this free 45-minute yummy talk where I will share about four different shades existing between Sensuality and Sexuality. It will surely awaken more pleasure in your every-single-day! I will also give you practical tools to explore these tools with yourself, your friends, and your lovers. This was a huge game changer for me in my life. It might be for you too!

Coming real soon!

A couple game like no other! A game where you will get to know each other a little deeper. There will be many questions, dares, and date nights; some deep and meaningful, and others fun and playful. It’s a perfect bridge to use when you’re feeling inspired, closed hearted, on date night, bored or simply want to learn something new about the person that’s sleeping by your side. This game is also a great icebreaker after an argument.


Natalie Abraham

Natalie is an intimacy coach and heart initiator, an artist and healer, a poet. She guide’s transformative journeys through multiple sensual and sexual arts including Sensual Couple Dance, Rope Healing/Shibari, and Erotic Explorations.0 Her key emphasis lies in vulnerability, empowerment and conscious intimacy. She is also host and founder of her live radio talk show ‘Let’s Talk About’, conversing with international experts on subjects of relationships, sex and taboo.