Dancefloor Diaries

I used to tell myself to dance like no one is watching.


Now I tell myself to have that SAME dance,
as if EVERYONE is watching.
Even when I feel so exposed
I can allow all parts of me to be seen
All that is alive within
My shy side
My sexy side
My silence
My love
My tease
My faults
My insecurities
My body
My prayer
In deep meditation
Improvising movement with emotion
Song after song
Sweating in to bliss
I allow myself to surrender
More and more
To let go of control
To be lead
To be taken
In the hands of safety
In the eyes of love
In the arms of a peaceful warrior
I can dive
I am held
So close
So very close
And then I melt

You know….
The dancefloor never lies

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