Kintsugi is Me



Kintsugi was born in the 15th century;
a Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with gold, silver or platinum.

Then there was me…the year 2020… 37 years young – though reborn countless times in these short years, and most significantly now.
A time of deep unconditioning, healing and flowering.

I was honored to be invited to be apart of this sacred project.
My life journey/message/declaration being painted on my bare body.
A ceremony of weeks in preparation and meditation.
Bringing intention and prayer.
Wondering the mystery of what the end result would be…

Kintsugi – my story –
emphasizing my fractures and breaks instead of hiding or disguising them.
Tears of gold streaming out of me,
finding and filling every small fracture,
the repair becoming even more beautiful than the original,
revitalizing myself with a new look
and giving me yet another life.

My story – so grateful for all I have lived through,
every single moment and person who crossed my path,
bringing me to where I am at this very moment!
A truly beautiful moment!
A thousand pieces of history,
coated in gold,

My dedication – to all the sisters, mothers and grandmothers who had their hearts broken, who cried seas of tears, who were taken advantage of, who were sexually pressured or violated, who lost someone, who’s pain was not seen/heard/hugged….

I hug you with my wings of love.

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