What is Love?


If love knocked on your door
Would you let her in?
Could you open your heart fully?
Knowing it will also hurt?
Knowing it will end?
Whether after one night,
one month,
one year,
one lifetime?

Does all love end in some kind of heartbreak?
And if so, is the heartbreak worth the gifts and great teachings love whispered to you?
Was it worth it – to have been so open, so vulnerable, so exposed?

Would you still surrender fully to experiencing this divine sensation?
Or do you give half of yourself in protection?
In fear of the pain that will come?
In fear of losing, closing, missing?

Is it true that real love is only alive in the present moment?
And that everything else is stories we tell ourselves?
The social expectations and false fairytales?
Is this what actually hurts us most?

Because maybe only those who are ready for the pain
Can experience the truest and deepest of loves.

As I continue learning loveI welcome the pain.
Yes it hurts
So very much.
My chest expanded to the heavens.
And I will continue to break open
Again and again.
Break free
Because love is like life for me.
I will pay any price for more of it.
Time after time.

This is the way of the superior lovers and peaceful warriors.

This is my way.

~Dedicated to all the long lost lovers out there

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