Dark Feminine Rising

Within every woman lives a powerful force,
filled with good instincts,
passionate creativity,
& ageless knowing.

She is the dark feminine,
who growls all her voices,
her truths

She shops for life experiences,
trying everything on
until she finds what fits just right.

Her wildness is but innocent,
yet misinterpreted.

She does what you think she’d never do.
She does what you only dream about.
She does not regret.
She doesn’t dim her light to please others.
She is unashamed of her desires, anger and fears.
She can carry, hold and hug herself.
She loves other women, a true sister.
She awakens others through her words & actions.
She is divine instinctual wisdom.

She is a survivor.
She is fiercely loyal.
She is courage.
She is strength.
She is playful.
She is passion.
She is sensitive.
She is so soft.
She is heart.

She is me.


Have you found her in you too?

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