New Beginnings

New Years, new months, new moons, new beginnings, new relationships, new days, new dreams, new intentions…

There is always a gateway to shed old skin and to start again.

I wish for us
To keep finding the courage to climb high,
even if we may fall.
To step out of our comfort zones.
To experience new things.
To find ourselves.
To lose ourselves.
To heal ourselves.To meet our deepest fears,
even the ones that feel unchangeable.
To dare to be and feel beautiful.

To dance with everyone watching and feel like noone is watching.
To sit on the royal throne of our personal kingdom.
To be the inspiration.
To look in each passing persons eyes.
To feel, To feel!
To share love with everyone.

To smile more.
To cry more.
To hug more.
To kiss more.
To be vulnerable.
In front of strangers.
In front of the ones we know and love.

To find and live our passions.
To dare to be true to our desires.
To dare to say them.
To dare to live them.
No matter what they say.
To know that we are worthy
Of all we wish to be, live and feel.

To know that life is so short – and if not now, then when?
To be the change you want to see
Because only today exists!

The depths of everything I wish for
Is for you
For me
To learn the way of a healthy kinda love.
The walk the path of true love.
To become love.
To love another.
To be loved by others.
To know how to ask for love.
To be consumed by love.
To be taken fully, by love.
Be it as big as the oceans.
So fully.
So wholly.
That we disappear
Within ripples of peace.

I call.
I shout out to the heavens.
From the depths of my soul.
For this sacred love.
For more of it.
For more loving.
And still Even more of this unconditional entity.
Overspilling from all my being.
From myself.
From others.
From you.

I pray,
I want,
I desire.

I pray,
I want,
I desire.

For where there is love,
There is life

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