Im trapped on a paradise island.
Like I’m living in a Hollywood survival movie.
No way in or out anymore.
We are living in a dream beach house.

I wake up to the sounds of the ocean.
The waves gently washing onto the white sanded beach.
The island is locking down slowly slowly.
No bars, yoga, dance or events.
Many of the tourists have now left.
We are a nice bunch of people that remained.
Creating community.
Fate has kept us here at the same place, at the same time.
A lesson we have to teach one another.
A new togetherness is born.

I wake up to the sounds of the ocean.
There is not much to do aside from watching the sun as she shines her rays upon the sea.
Watching as the daylight turns the color of the sky in to a divine artists expression of magic.
Watching the world as it stops.
Watching nature as she flourishes.
We were doing it so wrong.

I wake up to the sounds of the ocean.
There is not much else to do but to look inside.
To find the inner molds of old fears and wounds we have been holding on to.
If once, growing and evolving was an option,now it is forced upon us.
Whether we like it or not.
Facing our inner demons.
Until we discover the love and freedom that awaited us all these years,
Behind each of those wounds.

I wake up to the sounds of the ocean.
I open my Facebook page and see the future.
Everyone sharing their gifts and wisdom.
Free therapy.
Free wellness classes.
Free live DJ sets.
Free concerts.
Free teachings.
To one another, to the world
Giving from the heart
Global free love (אהבת חינם) at its best I’ve ever experienced.

Is this a crisis or just a wake up call?
Is it a nightmare or the biggest miracle we have ever been fortunate to see and be apart of?

I wake up to the sounds of the ocean.
I breath deeply, knowing that there are no answers.
That a long time ago I learned a big spiritual lesson on living in the present.
Only now I can say that I surrender to this teaching.
I know nothing.
I am breathing and living today.
Choosing just for today.
Being the best that I can be just for today
.Tomorrow will be a whole new story.

Until then….I fall asleep with the sounds of the ocean.
And when I wake up,
I find myself still here,
Trapped on a paradise island.


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